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A high culture destroying itself

We all learned about Egypt and Rom as well as other high cultures, that they never last forever. There seems to be a limit to how much a culture can expand, become more influential and powerful. Countries that have been the center of attraction suddenly disappear. Centuries later, no one can figure out, what happened. […]

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I do not believe in science, I believe in god

I heard that the other day from a women protesting against the lockdown and measures taken again the Covid virus. For gods sake, have you never gone to school, have you never understood what science is all about. You are not supposed to worship science. Feel free to worship you god, but science is about […]

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Do you have family? (1)

This article is to be read first! Isn’t it a thrill to have those loving people, that ether criticize you or know better for you, are interfering with your live? But some times those who call themselves your blood, do have ideas that are really funny. Corona, or as it is called on the other […]

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The way we think (2)

The obvious, we speak different languages, meaning we do think different, we use language differently. Just a small idea! Except for names you do only use small letters, while in German there is a wide range of subjects being spelled with a capital letters. You only have “you” as to referring to people making everybody […]

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Health care or not (3)

You may wonder, why I take this detour through history. To me that symbolizes what makes the difference deep down in the soul of the people. We Germans have learned to rely on organized structures to pamper our life. Somebody else has to pay for our mistakes, that is why Germans tend to insure their […]

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Justice and guns (4)

Now let’s look at the question of justice and the right to bare guns. When the USA Constitution was written, it made sense for people to have weapons, because there was no justice, police and what ever makes nations save to normal people. So everybody needed the right to protect one self. Things have changed […]

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